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Event Podcasts and Videos



Date Speaker Title/Topic
2020-01-12 Speaker: Bruce Laverty
Introduction: Beth Hessel
"219: The Pride and Ornament of Philadelphia"

2020-01-07 Speaker: Bradford Pearson
Introduction: Beth Hessel
The Eagles of Heart Mountain

2020-12-09 Speakers: Lynn Miller, Therese Dolan
Introduction: Beth Hessel
Salut! France Meets Philadelphia

2020-12-08 Speaker: Gerald McAdams Kauffman, Ph.D.
Introduction: Beth Hessel
“Brandywine Shad 2020: The Nation's Founding Fish Returns to America's Historic Small Watershed”

2020-12-08 Speakers: Denise Fox, Lois Reibach
Introduction: Beth Hessel
“The Enchanting Eiffel Tower”

2020-12-01 Speaker: Liz Moore
Moderator: Kiley Reid
Introduction: Beth Hessel
Long Bright River

2020-11-19 Speaker: Anna Shipp
Introduction: Beth Hessel
“Building a Just, Green, and Thriving Economy”

2020-11-12 Speaker: George Thomas, Ph.D.
Introduction: Beth Hessel
“Mr. Furness’s Neighborhoods: A Birthday Exploration of His World”

2020-11-10 Speaker: Eddie S. Glaude Jr.
Introduction: Beth Hessel
"As Much Truth As We Can Bear"

2020-11-10 Speakers: Bruce Laverty, Denise Fox, Steven Erisoty
Introduction: Beth Hessel
"Thomas Carstairs: The Man Behind Jeweler's Row"

2020-11-04 Speaker: William Earle Williams
Introduction: Beth Hessel
William Earle Williams: Party Pictures

2020-10-29 Speaker: Leo Damrosch
Introduction: Beth Hessel
The Club: Johnson, Boswell, and the Friends Who Shaped An Age

2020-10-14 Speaker: Carl Rollyson
Introduction: Beth Hessel
"The Life of William Faulkner"

2020-10-13 Speaker: Lindsay M. Chervinsky
Introduction: Beth Hessel
"The Cabinet and Presidential Leadership"

2020-10-13 Speaker: Bruce Laverty "Before 219: A Look at the Athenaeum Before its Move to Washington Square"

2020-10-06 Speaker: Derek Dreher
Introduction: Beth Hessel
"Revitalizing The Rosenbach"

2020-10-01 Speaker: Peniel E. Joseph
Introduction: Beth Hessel
The Sword and the Shield

2020-09-29 Speaker: Christopher James Bonner
Introduction: Beth Hessel
"Runaways, or Citizens Claimed as Such"

2020-09-24 Speaker: John Lauritz Larson
Introduction: Beth Hessel
"Unmasking Progress: Beyond the Culture of Exploitation"

2020-09-23 Speaker: H. Richard Dietrich III
Introduction: Beth Hessel
In Pursuit of History: A Lifetime Collecting Colonial American Art and Artifacts

2020-09-23 Speaker: Various
Introduction: Beth Hessel
Philadelphia Congregations Early Records Transcription Workshop #4

2020-09-21 Speaker: Various
Introduction: Beth Hessel
Philadelphia Congregations Early Records Transcription Workshop #3

2020-09-16 Speaker: Witold Rybczynski
Introduction: Beth Hessel
"Locatecture in the City"

2020-09-16 Speaker: Various
Introduction: Beth Hessel
Philadelphia Congregations Early Records Transcription Workshop #2

2020-09-15 Speaker: Beth Hessel, Jill Lee Books of Note: Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe

2020-09-14 Speaker: Various
Introduction: Beth Hessel
Philadelphia Congregations Early Records Transcription Workshop #1

2020-02-27  Speaker: Nancy Moses
Introduction: Beth Hessel
Fakes, Forgeries, and Frauds
2020-02-06  Speaker: Holly A. Crocker
Introduction: Beth Hessel
“Virtues that Matter: from Chaucer’s Legend of Good Women to Shakespeare’s Hamlet”
2020-01-08  Speaker: Alexander Garvin
Introduction: Beth Hessel
The Heart of the City: Creating Vibrant Downtowns for a New Century
2019-12-04  Speaker: Madeline Miller, Patrick Spero
Introduction: Beth Hessel
 “Fact and Fiction in the Writing of Histories”
2019-11-21  Speaker: Patricia Tyson Stroud
Introduction: Beth Hessel
Bitterroot: The Life and Death of Meriwether Lewis
2019-10-29  Speaker: Scott Moore
Introduction: Beth Hessel
“Philadelphia and the World’s Water Crisis: Local Solutions to a Global Challenge”
2019-10-24  Speaker: Janny Scott
Introduction: Beth Hessel
The Beneficiary: Fortune, Misfortune, and the Story of My Father
2019-10-10  Speaker: Suzanne Hinman
Introduction: Beth Hessel
"Diana Reigns: How Philadelphia Saved the Golden Goddess"
2019-09-25  Speaker: Amy Cohen
Introduction: Bruce Laverty
"Louis Magaziner and Julian Abele: The Story of an Unusual Friendship"
2019-09-12  Speaker: Tom Keels
Introduction: Beth Hessel
"Designing for the Dead: Art and Architecture at Philadelphia Cemeteries"
2019-06-12  Speaker: Peter Conn “The Athenaeum and the History of Libraries”
2019-06-07  Speaker: Anna Pitoniak
Introduction: Peter Conn
Necessary People
2019-06-06  Speaker: Ted Maust
Introduction: Matt Rader
"The Evolution of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society"
2019-06-03  Speaker: Robert Hauser
Introduction: Peter Conn
“The Past, Present and Future of APS”  Slides
2019-05-29  Speaker: Larry Platt
Introduction: Peter Conn
“Reinvigorating Citizenship in the Birthplace of American Democracy”  
2019-05-23  Speaker: Madeline Miller
Introduction: Peter Conn
2019-05-20  Speaker: Maureen Corrigan
Introduction: Peter Conn
“Who Do You Think You Are? A Critic Responds”
2019-05-13  Speaker: Steven Weitzman
Introduction: Peter Conn
"The Book of Job, God on Trial"
2019-05-09  Speaker: Lorene Cary
Introduction: Peter Conn
Ladysitting: My Year with Nana at the End of Her Century
2019-04-08  Speaker: Martin Filler
Introduction: Peter Conn
“Makers of Modern Architecture: A Critic’s Journey”
2019-03-13  Speaker: Michael Witmore
Introduction: Peter Conn
“A Monument to Shakespeare in the Nation’s Capital.”
2019-03-06  Speaker: Michael Barsanti
Introduction: Peter Conn
“The Past, Present, and Future of the Library Company”
2019-02-28  Speaker: Steven Conn
Introduction: Peter Conn
“Thinking about Thoreau in an Age of Resistance”
2019-02-22  Speaker: Bob Perkins
Introduction: Peter Conn
“Preparing for the Unknown”
2018-11-08  Speaker: Stephen Fried
Introduction: George Wohlreich, M.D., Peter Conn
Reclaiming Our “Lost” Founding Father, Dr. Benjamin Rush
2018-09-26  Speaker: Erica Armstrong Dunbar 
Introduction: Peter Conn
Never Caught: The Washingtons’ Relentless Pursuit of Their Runaway Slave, Ona Judge
2018-09-12  Speaker: Rachel Slade
Introduction: Peter Conn
Into the Raging Sea: Thirty-Three Mariners, One Megastorm,  and the Sinking of El Faro
2018-06-27  Speaker: Jennifer Egan 
Introduction: Peter Conn
Manhattan Beach
2018-05-11  Speaker: Paul Goldberger
Introduction: Timothy Rub
“What Does the City Beautiful Mean for the 21st Century City?”
2018-03-15  Speaker: Laurie Olin
Introduction: Peter Conn
Be Seated
2018-02-28  Speaker: David Nelson Wren
Introduction: Robert Linck, Peter Conn
Ardrossan: The Last Great Estate on The Main Line
2018-02-07  Speaker: Nathaniel Popkin, Peter Woodall, Andrew Ferrett
Introduction: Peter Conn
Philadelphia: Finding The Hidden City
2017-11-06  Speaker: Superintendent William R. Hite, Jr., Ed.D.
Introduction: Peter Conn
"Philadelphia's Public Schools"
2017-10-25  Speaker: Thomas H. Keels
Introduction: Peter Conn
Sesqui! Greed, Graft, and the Forgotten World’s Fair of 1926
2017-09-22  Speaker: Robert Skaler, Bruce Laverty
Introduction: Peter Conn
Real Philadelphia:
Selections from the Robert M. Skaler Postcard Collection
2017-04-28  Speaker: Walter Licht Railroad History: What’s Next?
2017-04-29  Speaker: Bruce Laverty Cross Ties Across Town: The Impact of the Railroad on Urban Design in Downtown Philadelphia
2017-04-29  Speaker: Stephen Fried How Fred Harvey and the Santa Fe RR Civilized the West—
One Meal at a Time
2017-04-29  Speaker: Cornelius Bynum The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters and A. Philip Randolph’s Vision of Racial Advancement
2017-04-29  Speaker: Peter Conn Picturing Railroads
2017-04-03  Speaker: Inga Saffron The New Bedroom City: How Philadelphia’s Frenzied Rowhouse Boom is Suburbanizing the City, Changing Neighborhood Dynamics, and Homogenizing the Urban Landscape
2017-02-22  Speaker: Sean Kelley Architecture and Justice
2017-02-01  Speaker: Timothy Rub What a Director Sees
2017-01-18  Speaker: Michael J. Lewis City of Refuge: Separatists and Utopian Town Planning
2016-11-16  Speaker: Patrick Harker Central Banking and Its Discontents?
2016-11-02  Speaker: Howard Gillette, Caroline Golab,
Charlene Mires, Dominic Vitiello
Immigration in Philadelphia
1997-10-29 Speaker: James H. Billington
Introduction: Roger W. Moss, Lea Carson Sherk, Michele Ridge
"The Library and the Electronic Future"